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When MollyMadison Company first started, we were only the dream of a mother with two daughters. Can you guess their names?

A fan of fashion long before she decided to launch our brand, Krystie Young formed MollyMadison Company with a desire to make designs that are both beautiful and accessible, with the hopes of passing on our legacy to her daughters, Molly and Madison. 

MollyMadison Company is a brand created to be accessible to a wide range of ages and sizes, and houses fashions from Sunday Best to Business Casual. 

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Here at MollyMadison Company we believe in the strengthening of women in their femininity with the clothing they wear. Many women have had their femininity stripped away via sexual abuse or sex trafficking. In the future, a percentage of all our sales here at MollyMadison Company will go to resources we believe make a difference in abuse victims’ lives.